Core Values

Core values: The foundation and philosophy of Impact4Soccer Academy is and the Impact4Soccer Method are based on six core values. These are always present in our Player Development and Coach Education products.  Additionally in quality and structural partnerships with Football clubs and organisations who recognise themselves in these core values. 

  • To ensure a quality development, youth players and youth coaches should be on the pitch with FUN and SELF CONFIDENCE. 
  • Positive development requires a POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT in which youth players and youth coaches are motivated and inspired. 
  • Curiosity about youth football, in all aspects, is still the secret of the development of good CREATIVE youth players and youth coaches. 
  • Being INNOVATIVE is daring to come out of your comfortzone, because if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. 
  • COOPERATION; alone you can’t do anything and together you can do everything (Johan Cruijff).

We enjoy working together not only with Dutch clubs, but also clubs allover the World. The size of a club and the level at which they play is less of importance. The core values all the more! A club where children enjoy learning to play football, where they are guided by positive youth coaches who feel appreciated, Which club does not want that?

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